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Q: Why does the bio brew recipe say 2-4 hours, when it used to say 24 hours?

Answer: We changed for a couple of reasons. First, for max diversity. We don’t want certain bacteria outcompeting others for food and oxygen. Second, we don’t want inexperienced brewers to brew a tea that goes anaerobic. You may still brew 24 hours. Some even brew up to 72 hours, but our goal here is to give you a starting point.

Q: Can I use an atomizer to apply the tea?

Answer:  Yes. We have blasted tea through an atomizer and then put it under the microscope. There was still plenty of activity. You may lose a few microbes along the way, but for the most part they will pass through in more than sufficient numbers to be effective.

Q: How long will this stuff last?

Answer: Approximately 2 years from the date of purchase, as long as you keep the packs out of direct sun and under 85 degrees. You may place the packs in the refrigerator but please do not freeze your spores.

Q: What’s all this white stuff on my leaves after I spray, it looks like powdery mildew!?

Answer: That is the talc carrier. Remember to let the product settle after mixing and then pour/take the liquid off the top. We find that using yucca extract as a surfactant will cause the talc to collect on the leaf margins and this way it will not look like spots of PM.

Q: What happens if my dog eats this stuff.

Answer:  Luckily, the spores will not be able to survive at human or animal temperature. Keep an eye on your dog if they get in to the bag, but they should be o.k.